Dear Valued Customer,
Did you know that Climate Control Co. offers a Planned Maintenance Agreement? Like your vehicle, a routine maintenance on your heating and cooling system will allow you to enjoy greater comfort, lower energy costs due to maximum efficiency and longer life for your equipment. This agreement also includes a lower diagnostic fee with each service repair, priority service, 15% discount on repairs to your system and discounted replacement cost. With a Planned Maintenance Agreement from Climate Control Co. for one low price starting at $149 (for One system in Home) you will receive two annual services on your equipment, one for cooling and one for heating. Give us a call today and let one of our licensed, experienced technicians get
your system better prepared for the coming seasons.
Each service includes:
-Cleaning & adjusting burner assembly (heating)
-Cleaning ignition assembly (heating)
-Check heat exchange & elements (heating)
-Monitoring flue draft (heating)
-Monitoring refrigerant pressure (heating & cooling)
-Testing starter capacitors (heating & cooling)
-Testing safety controls (heating & cooling)
-Cleaning or replacing standard air filters (heating & cooling)
-Cleaning & adjusting blower components (heating & cooling)
-Measuring current air flow (heating & cooling)
-Tightening electrical connections (heating & cooling)
-Measuring volts & amps (heating & cooling)
-Lubricating all moving parts (where necessary)
-Check thermostat calibration (heating & cooling)
-Cleaning evaporator coil (cooling)
-Cleaning condensate coil & drains (cooling)
-Chemically treating drain pan for algae (cooling)
-Measuring temperature difference (heating & cooling)
-Checking air quality (heating & cooling)
-Inspecting ductwork (heating & cooling)
-Cleaning outside unit (cooling)
Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.
Alan Huckabaa
Climate Control Co